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Somewhere over the rainbow

It’s the morning of the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life. The next time you go to bed, it will be as a married woman—one-half of a perfect pair.

But there’s a window of time before the ceremony, and you have a great idea. You always have great ideas. It’s one of a million reasons your other half fell in love with you. Today wouldn’t be today without your great ideas.

And this one is too big to ignore. Besides, you’ll be back in time. So you grab your two best friends and run to a place that only you know. A place that has no rules unless you make them. A place where English romance novel meets Alice-in-Wonderland fantasy world. Here, you’re supposed to drink champagne straight from the bottle. It’s one of the rules you made.

There’s color here. And luxury. And fantasy. And endless opportunities to play.

But don’t be mistaken. This is not a last hoorah or a final chance to let loose. This is you setting the tone. A fantasy is only a fantasy without action, and you are a dreamer and a doer.

In only a matter of hours, a wedding band will be placed on your finger. It won’t mean the end of your old life. You’ll just be following through on one of your best ideas — love.

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