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Choosing your wedding dress

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

When it comes to choosing your wedding gown, the options out there are infinite.

With endless inspiration photos on Pinterest and Instagram combined with your own ideas of what kind of bride you would like to be, the process is exciting but can be intimidating.

That is why we've put together 6 tips to help you have a smooth and enjoyable journey.

1. Begin with researching your gown shape preferences.

What kind of dress have you always dreamt of? How have you envisioned yourself? Do you like the gown to have a corset bodice? For the bottom to be lush? Do you want to have an open or lace embellished back? For the shape to be trumpet or with a mermaid shaped bridal dress? Or maybe you prefer an A-line dress or sheath?

Regardless of if you've always dreamt of your wedding gown or not. Ask yourself the questions above, we recommend beginning your journey on Pinterest. Type in key words in the search box and down the magical rabbit hole you go. Create a board and save everything on it. Another tip is thinking of celebrities or royalty that have gotten married before you. Search their names and see what their wedding look was like. Even if you don't end up liking their gown, you might get other inspiration for make up, hair or bouquet.

Bless the internet for it has made the first step of the quest of finding the perfect gown enjoyable and infinite.

2. Finding the best shape for your body type.

Get acquainted with your body type. We are strong believers in the unique feminine beauty, so finding a wedding gown that would flatter your body is the essence of it all.

There is nothing more beautiful than a radiant mesmerizing bride who feels magical in her own skin on her special day. That is why it is important to learn what kind of bridal gown would fit your body type and what kind of dress that you love would compliment it.

3. Wedding gown textiles and adornment.

After you’ve found the perfect silhouette for your body type, it is time to browse what kind of fabric you like and how the dress is made. It isn’t the same when two identical-looking dresses are made of different fabrics. Tulle is romantic and satin is elegant. Beading, embroidery and stitching is also to be taken into consideration. Authentic and made with love quality fabric designs will dictate the outcome of how the wedding dress will look on you, but also whether you will feel comfortable wearing it.

4. The theme of your wedding and season.

It is important for the dress to fit your overall vision and theme of your wedding. Are you having an outdoor bohemian style wedding? Or are you celebrating in a ball room?

either way consider the setting and the season. We personally advise wearing long sleeves with heavy beading on the lace for for fall/winter or ballroom weddings. Taking the theme and season into consideration saves you lots of time because you will be able to eliminate a lot of options that you might like ( or think you like ) or think

5. Buy the wedding gown if you are 100% sure.

Don't be bullied into buying a gown you're not 100% in love with. Sometimes there are many voices aka 'the bride squad' . Don't get us wrong, we live for the ride or die bride squad, but sometimes they confuse they end up projecting what they like onto your shopping experience. We advice you invite one or two people to join you on your quest to finding the perfect dress. When you narrow down your options, invite the your clan and pop that champagne when you say yes to the dress.

6. When you find the one, stop looking at photos :)

This is a piece of advice that we keep repeating to our clients. Once you've found the one, stop looking at other photos on Instagram or Pinterest. This will take away from the joy of having found the perfect dress, and keep you in a state of limbo ( especially if you're an indecisive person in general ) Delete the Pinterest board and just bask in the pure happiness of having found the one.

* for more ideas on all things wedding. Visit our Pinterest account and get pinning.


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