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pinetrest is your best friend

Updated: May 28, 2021

When planning anything, Pinterest can come in really handy. But when you're planning your wedding, Pinterest is truly your saviour and best friend!

Find out more on how to use this beautiful platform to help you best brain storm your ideas in one place.

Blog: How to create a mood board for your 2021 wedding

When planning your special day and you think of all the ways how your creative styling expression can be enamoured into your event, the inspiration sources can feel overwhelming. Breathtaking photos drawing you with all of their allure, but how to know what you really like and what to choose? How to attenuate everything into one cohesive vision?

Creating a mood board for your 2021 wedding is a handy way to narrow down the pursuit of your poetic vision. Pinterest is an infinite source to make your imagination roam tirelessly and sorting everything into boards will help you define the tone and aesthetic of your wedding. Continuing further with our 5 step guide, you will be able to curate your quintessential moodboard:

1. Find inspiration all around you.

While Pinterest is a never ending source for inspiration, we advise you to broaden your horizons and seek inspiration in everything around you. Source your ideas from home decor, places you just feel serene in. Explore your taste, take heed of what kind of style you are living, what inspires you, what catches your attention, what kind of clothes you love. Seek beyond the internet, discover the newest fashion trends in magazines, exercise brainstorming, and styling. Take a trip to your local florist and let yourself be drawn to particular flowers to find your preferences. Every detail can be of great assistance when it comes to tailoring your wedding mood board.

2. Specify the style of your wedding.

It is time to ask yourself in what direction your wedding will be. Will it be a curious artful concoction of styles, a soulful romantic ode to your love, a simplistic elegant sophistication, a whimsical pursuit of ethereal elements, or an opulent grandeur that would enchant everyone. Whatever you choose, it is essential that you stay true to yourself and stay in the mood of your theme.

3. Talk to your partner.

Communicate your wishes and include your partner so that the both of you are on the same. Entwining both of your wishes can result in something extraordinary and authentic. Custom tailor your wedding mood board to pay tribute to your partner’s desires too.

4. Collect inspiration from Pinterest and organize it into boards.

In the search bar of Pinterest, type in your relevant keyboards, and start browsing. Save every pin that is of your liking and write in the description box why you love that pin. That will later help you choose the best photos for your 2021 wedding mood board because it is easy to get lost in all the photos. When you open a photo, Pinterest shows you many similar suggestions so be sure to browse everything because you never know where you can find the most creative idea.

When you save pins, sort them into sections, like a section for florals, colors, dresses, rings, ceremony setting, reception, even unique details that can personalize your whole creative approach.

5. Time to assemble the wedding mood board.

The easiest way to do an online version which you can later print is getting creative in Canva. This handy tool has a template specially tailored for a mood board. Upload your favorite inspiration photos and play with the order or combinations. A handy tip: choose up to 5 colors to give your design consistency and a harmonious theme. When you are completely satisfied, print it or send it to your chosen vendors. Having a mood board creates a smooth planning process which gives a pristine idea of what you love and desire for your wedding in 2021.

For more inspiration on all things wedding check out are Pinterest account.


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