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When our co-founder Ruba got engaged in 2017, she didn't think it that finding the perfect dress would be as difficult as it was.
She wanted to find something that represented her with the best of both worlds; light and romantic but without having to comprise the quality and richness of fabric.
This marked the beginning of something new; the creation of the first Lola's gown.

Our first gown was designed and handmade in a celebratory spirit and with so much love. That experience allowed both Ruba and her partner Mai, to understand a bride's journey on a deeper level. And after 2 years of research and experimentation with fabric, Lola's first collection Starry Night was born.

"We promised ourselves that every time we design a collection we would harness the same spirit that we created our first gown with. With future brides' needs and aspirations in mind."
Copy of Lola's Bridal Lookbook 2019 (1).
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